About Smart Pet Care

imageAyse with a dog

My name is Ayse, pronounced Eye-sha. Some people know me as Debra as that is easier to say.  I worked in the corporate sector for 20 years but have always loved animals.

Based in Marlow

I am a dog, horse, bird and hamster owner living in Marlow and can’t imagine life without them. Smart Pet Care has over 25 years experience with dogs, cats, small animals, birds and  fish.  I am fully insured, council inspected, council approved and police CRB checked.

I am flexible and reliable person.  Here is what my customers have to say about me:

Dog walking and boarding testimonials from clients in Marlow

“Ayse has been brilliant with our dog and my mind is at rest when she is with her.Natalie T

“Ayse regularly has my 4 dogs for days at a time and is absolutely fantastic with them all.  I trust her implicity as these little 4 things are as precious to me as my own children !

But also, sometimes when I don’t need them looked after overnight just in the daytime, she just walks them, and is more than happy to offer me guidance and help whenever I may have an issue with one of them.  So it’s akin to having a dog psychologist on tap.  I had an issue with one of them, and Ayse worked out exactly what was going on, and how to fix it! Brilliant!

So… in a word.. I’m so pleased I found her, her home environment for the animals is wonderful, the walks the dogs get are wonderful, her rates are wonderful and most of all Ayse herself is pretty wonderful !!!” Rozzie R